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Stop faking love- Zari blasts social media users over Jajja Iculi’s death (video)


Socialite Zari Hassan has blasted all those condemning her that she has an absent voice in the death of social media blogger.

It should be noted that Jajja Ichuli was a close friend of the the socialite and one of her hypeman.

Social media concerned key board warriors however contend that the socialite has not been so vocal about his death.

Zari however decided to put them in their place once and for all. She said that on the night of his death, she condoled him through her Facebook page.

Besides, her husband Shakib Lutaaya represented her at the burial since she’s not in Uganda.

On top of that she doesn’t understand why people are trying to ‘climb’ her. She asked those who are complaining who hasn’t gone to work, taken their kids to school or who have paused their life because of Isma’s death.

Zari also wondered what these who are condemning her are doing on social media if they are at the funeral.

She concluded by asking people especially Ugandans to always go about their business and stop minding what doesn’t concern them.

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