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Pastor Aloysious Bugingo heaps praise on big bummed women (video)


Don’t we all love Canaan land pastor, Aloysious Bugingo’s controversial sermons. They might not be biblical sometimes but they are earthy and we relate to them many times.

This time round, he was all high praises for nyash- yes you read that right, Big bums.

According to Bugingo, there is no way you can be born in Africa and a big booty doesn’t leave you affected and heads turning.

The funny man of God said that some men even risk looking at this big bums even when walking with their wives.

And funnily enough is that when you’re walking with your woman and a woman with a big booty is coming from your opposite side, your woman will have already noticed her.

She therefore now concentrages her attention on policing you to make sure you don’t look at the big fatty meat.

And if the devil dare tempts you and you look back, some women can slap you because they also fear fellow women with big fatty boom boom.

The pastor however appealed to all women to always let their men once in a while optically feed on the big bums especially if they themselves are nyash less.

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