Spice Diana’s mother gets dental surgery (video)


They say that a smile is everything and wearing one definitely makes you confident without a doubt.

It’s for this reason that musician Spice Diana took her mother to iDental Care Clinic where she was given a dental cleansing.

This happened during mother’s day and the singer shared the entire process.

Apparently her mother’s set of teeth was stained and rotting but the job they did on her was simply amazing.

The singer shared her mother’s before and after the procedure. Spice’s mother while talking about this said that she couldn’t smile before but she’s now confident of smiling.

And the after results were absolutely beautiful. It should also be noted that Spice Diana is a brand ambassador of the dental clinic.

The doctors there revealed how they have given a 50% discount to the public for the month of May and they can bring their loved ones so that they can get their teeth fixed.

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