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Man pleasures bis wire by the roadside (video)


Have you ever about whether women also get turned on when they secretly stare at men nekkid. Because men always get hard-ons especially when they stare at nekkid women.

Well a certain family full if ladies seemed to get turned on as they watched a boda boda cyclist making susu.

This cyclist rider pulled out his 9 AK millimeter and started urinating in a maize garden nearby. The women inside a house seemed to have a clear view of his cassava and they started filming him.

They eveb had to zoom in to get a clearer view of the banana and we don’t think their lives remained the same after witnessing this life changing moment.

The Boda boda guy definitely knew they were filming him and he decided to just show them what his father gave him.

After defecating, he climbed into his boda and rode away.

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