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Sheilah Gashumba doesnt pay photographers (video)


City photographer, Hanz has accused socialite and media personality, Sheilah Gashumba of being a seasoned defaulter. Hanz said that Sheilah acquired his services a while back.

However when it came to paying, she played hide and seek. And besides this is not the first time that she’s doing such a thing.

He added that he is not willing to work with her again because she might return with her old vices again.

Further, Hanz said that they suffer a lot to give the best services to these so called celebrities but when it comes to payment, it becomes another war.

He warned all other upcoming photographers to always set strict terms and conditions before working with these celebrities.

Sadly is that when these celebrities default, they then stop using your services and run to someone else.

The former NBS After 5 presenter however distanced herself from these claims. She said that people should always be taken to rehab when it is still early meaning that Hanz was making uncoordinated statements.

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