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Doreen Kabareebe shows off baby bump in sexy VIDEO


Model and adult content creator Doreen Kabareebe has decided to show off her baby bump in a scintillating way. And it’s none other than a newd social media video.

It should be noted that Kabareebe got married to an American man and currently lives in the US. Furthermore, she a few months ago revealed that she was pregnant.

Kabareebe rose to the stardom because of her near nekkid content which she even flaunted in the age before social media became a thing.

She was one of the hottest slay queens in the country and a distinguished model who championed newd-ity.

Her marriage and pregnancy therefore all came so quickly and as a surprise to some people who have known her.

Through her social media pages, she flaunted off her tummy and her big boobs. Kabareebe for a long time has always bragged about how her breasts are so firm.

However, pregnancy seems to be taking them on a downward spiral. She however bragged about it saying that for her case, it has been pregnancy which has made them fall at 32 years yet some people’s girlfriend’s boobs fall as early as 15.

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