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Pallaso on why he beat up Alien Skin


Last night saw a shocker after singer Pallaso disciplined upcoming singer Alien Skin. In a video released on social media, Pallaso was seen dishing out slaps and punches to the Tonkaka singer.

This came as a surprise as Alien Skin has cut a notorious figure of beating up other people who cross his path.

Sadly he couldn’t save himself as the Mpa Love singer thumped him up. A lot of people have been wondering what really happened.

Pallaso has now come out to give his own side of the story. According to his narration, he was doing rehearsals when Alien Skin and his ‘gang’ cut him off.

They started threatening him and when he told them to be calm, they told him to shut up as he wasn’t fit to talk to them.

This resulted into Pallaso disciplining him as he had no any other choice.

“That man came an found us doing us rehearsals. He showed up with about 100 people and they disrupted my rehearsals. When I talked to him, he started dissing me saying that I’m not yet at the rank of speaking to him. I’m sorry to all those offended as they video might look bad but I had to discipline him,” he said.

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