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Not yet over- Alien Skin stings Pallaso (video)


It seems like despite the apologies from Pallaso to Alien Skin for beating him up, the Tonkaka singer is not ready to let go especially for the humiliation he suffered.

Alien Skin has now told Pallaso that he needs to respect people who have made it in Uganda.

According to him, Pallaso tried Uganda and failed then ran off to Kyeyo in the US where he still failed.

However for Alien Skin, he’s kept his hustle within Uganda and found success here. Therefore he needs respect from the Malamu singer.

Further, the self imposed ghetto leader also highlighted some of the basics of ghetto fighting.

When you see that you have been outnumbered, you don’t need to retaliate. Besides Pallaso demanded for everything including respect and he gave it to him.

Therefore he doesn’t know what else he wanted and besides despite the one who beat Alien Skin, he’s the one bow crying foul in the media because he’s scared.

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