Watch couple doing themselves in public swimming pool (video)

It seems like people no longer have manners and are not ashamed to do private stuff in public. A couple was recorded live on camera chewing themselves in broad daylight in a swimming pool full of people.

Most of the people in this pool looked to be having fun and getting cozy with their loved ones.

However, there was this particular couple who seemed to be taking it a bit far. Both the man and woman’s arms are strapped around each other.

This woman however seems to be swinging slowly on the guy’s pole. She reaches to a point to where she can’t take the sweetness no more and seems to be reaching the climax as her eyes roll inside her skull.

Now several people have come out to react to this video. Some are pointing out how people are no longer shameless.

Others point out how this is unhygienic and how the other people could have swallowed this pair’s ‘cUm’ inside the water.

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