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No filters- Eddy Kenzo blasts Bobi Wine

The battle between singer and politician Bobi Wine and fellow musuicans seems to have been reignited. Appearing at Kato Lubwama’s burial, Bobi Wine said that these musicians should know their power and not be beggars since he had that government was planning to give them some money.
His comments don’t seem to have appeased a number of musuicans especially those under the musuicans Federation.
Among those who decided to reply Bobi Wine was the Federation’s president Eddy Kenzo. The Big Talent boss said that he’s stunned by fraudsters.
These have their pay off the government salary roster every month and are also included in the budget yearly. He wondered how why they have never rejected the money from the government they haye a lot.
The Stamina singer urged them to leave musicians to fight for their rights lest they will directly join politics ro emphasize their point.
He added that it is these same politicians who destroyed the industry by getting politics into it.
The singer couldn’t wrap his head around the fact that that they are being called beggars yet all theu are doing is fighting for the industry.
“Wabula abafele muli bazibu Abatuyita ba beggars, bafulumila Mu government budget every year, ate bafuna noomusaala monthly ela tebazigaanangako. Lwaki temuzigabila amalwaliro oba amasomero. Enyindo bwojinyigiriza enyo!! Banange mutuleke tulwanirire omulimu gwafe other wise tugenda yingira mu Politics’s wamwe direct. Mutuleke tutereze music omulimu mwagwonoona because mwaguyingizaamu eby’obufuzi fenna tunalya ku Politics? Mwe emisaala mujifuna mu government yeemu gyemuwoza nti mulwanyisa. We are fighting for copyright and all rights for musicians ate mwe muwoza beggars, beggars how? Enough is enough.”

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