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Stop opening your mouths minus research- Toniks to Bobi Wine and camp

Social media is currently on fire after a number of musuicans have decided to verbally revolt around Bobi Wine calling them beggars. To prove a point, Bobi Wine’s bodyguard guard, Eddie Mutwe said that musicians are VIP beggars.

This is after Ykee Benda said that they had acquired a law firm to ascertain their ques for the copyright law. And therefore, they are not beggars as some people (Bobi Wine) are leading the public to believe.

Eddie Mutwe jumped in and said that even beggars have laws to protect them. Therefore acquiring a law firm can never exonerate these singers for begging.

“Ykee,You are one of the intelligent Artites of the young generation that we have today..U can’t be asking the world how beggars need lawyers!!…Even beggars are protected by laws!..so working with lawyers doesn’t change the fact that u are beggars,only that u are VIP beggars!!” said Eddie Mutwe.

It was here that Toniks blasted the Bobi camp for always opening their mouths ‘fwaaa’ without a y research.

According to the Romance singer he doesn’t even see where the issue matters to this camp because all they do is politicize everything. He therefore advised them to stay in their lane..

“Hehe displaying ignorance …not that I’m surprised tho. tebaagala kola research baasama bwasami. Stick to politricks & stay im yuh lane …ye bibakwatilako wa? Better to keep quiet if u nuh have facts…than talk nonsense; Fa ku mudaala gwo!!” Said Toniks

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