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Video: Spark TV’s Kheem G-khast busted chewing babe in club


Spark TV’s presenter Kheem Gkhast seems to have found love for himself in the club. This is after he was filmed chewing a babe in a certain bar around Kampala.

The media personality and this anonymous babe looked so enveloped into each other as they walked their hands around one another.

In this video, the girl doesn’t seem to want to let go of Kheem. The two proceed to chew each other’s lips a couple of times without minding what the others around will insinuate.

Withour a doubt, their end result seems to have been behind closed doors on a bed going to ‘KAWOLONGOJJO.’

The TV presenter has been linked to several babes but it seems this one is a real catch for him and he won’t be letting go soon.

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