Fifi Da Queen and Ssenga Justine Nantume clash in studio


Social media users were left in shock after Ssenga Justine Nantume squared off with Fifi Da Queen on live TV. The two during part of their program resorted to blasting each other over their failed marriages.

Ssenga Nantume told the former Bukedde TV presenter that they are all the same from ‘Bufumbo bwalema’ (failed marriage).

Fifi however denied this and said that she’s still with her man and this is where she has always been.

However Ssenga Nantume insisted and said she lying. She then asked Fifi if she’s still with Ziza Bafana.

But Fifi tried to downplay this but Ssenga insisted that Ziza Bafana chewed her and impregnated her before dumping her.

Fifi refuted this and said that she doesn’t know what Nantume was talking about. Besides, she’s still with the man who made her pregnant.

She then taunted Ssenga Nantume and told her that she failed at marriage. Therefore she has no moral authority to lecture others about how to keep a man.

People can only ask her about how to fail in marriage because that is where she excelled.

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