ALINA AMAALO- Zari blasts hubby Shakib Lutaaya (video)


Socialite Zari Hassan has come out to blast her her boyfriend as being a ‘fala’ (an updated) and ‘villagish’ fella.

Apparently, she always has to brief him about everything and he doesn’t seem to be sharp as he ought to.

When they are to travel internationally to countries like the UK, she has to remind him to walk with all his documents. And when they start questioning him, he starts panicking and speaking things that don’t relate.

If he isn’t briefed, it’s always a dead end and hectic for Zari to travel with him as he’s always nervous.

She said that she doesn’t understand why young men who should be sharp are just dense (FALAS). And she seems tired of this Situation.

She added that she’s tired of trying to bring him up to date and will leave him to just be the way she is.. This looks like it was a private conversation with someone but got leaked.

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