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Video: Vryoota says he slept with mom till puberty


Singer Musigazi Abdul Aziz has come out to reveal the shocking conditions he grew up from. According to the Ndibulungi singer, he had to share a bed with his mother until the puberty and adolescence stages.

The singer said that after the death ofbhis father, things became worse. His mother sold his father’s belongings.

She then shifted to her bar where he had to join her. Here they would share a bed until he felt inconvenient.

According to him, he started experiencing wet dreams and had to vacate his mother’s bed. He started by sleeping at his friend’s places.

However here, things weren’t easy either. He would have to leave the house whenever his friends brought their girlfriends for sleepovers.

On top of that, the place was overcrowded and he had to run away for fear that Police might round them off mistaking them for thieves.

Furthermore, Vyroota said that now is when he has a place to call his home.

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