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You won’t disrespect me into silence- Winnie Nwagi


Songstress Winnie Nwagi has addressed the issues of beating up fans especially the men who try to had touch her. It should be noted over the weekend, the singer assaulted 2 male fans.

At first she was performing in a club when a man tried to stuff money into her bra, the singer angrily shaked it off and warned him.

Then at a concert a man tried to touch her sumbie but she rained her wrath on him as she smashed the microphone onto him.

The Musawo singer then told these fans that she’s not a wh0rea and if they need one to touch, they know where to find them.

Now some sections of the public and some promoters have raised concern saying the singer’s ‘kamanyilo’ has exceeded where it should stop.

The singer while addressing this said that she’s not yet about to stop amd she will put everyone in their place till they learn manners.

And because it’s Nwagi, everyone will always make noise because they know she’s a news maker.

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