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Queen Masolo accuses Kenzo’s Federation of chewing her sumbie for free (video)


Renowned sumbie vendor Queen Masolo yesterday shocked many when she took to social media to accuse a very popular singer for chewing her beans for free.

According to Masolo, this artiste is a big brand and has a very big position in Eddy Kenzo’s musicians Federation.

Apparently the two had agreed a price of 2m shillings per night and they sell together in two occasions. The singer gave her only 300k and she has wants the remainder of 3.7m shillings from him.

Besides, this singer told the leg vendor that they were expecting money in the Federation. And once it came he would pay her off.

However until now, the singer is yet to clear his debts yet he knows that there is no free sumbie especially from someone like Masolo who sells her beans.

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