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Kid Dee lashes out at Alien Skin for forgetting who made him


Upcoming singer Kid Dee has expressed his disappointment in fellow singer Alien Skin. This is after the Sitya Danger singer allegedly chased an old friend known as Phyno.

Apparently the Fangone boss started out by riding with the likes of Kid Dee. The Muzinyi singer said that it was then who housed the singer when he was a nobody and barely known.

This Phyno is the one who even did Alien Skin’s Emboozi Ye Nikola track. It therefore baffles him that he has quickly turned against the same people who helped him rise.

He further said that Alien and Phyno got close because of chewing Nkwacho. And Kid Dee is so furious that the singer keeps shunning them away yet they kept him close and introduced him to the game when barely anybody noticed him.

Furthermore, Kid Dee says that he has no problem or grudge against Alien. However, it is his attitude towards his fellows OBs that is infuriating him.

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