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Fik Fameica betrays best friend Sheebah as he picks Cindy

As the rivalry between singers Sheebah Karungi and Cindy Sanyu rages on, fans and musicians have been taking their sides in this battle.

And now local rapper Fik Fameica seems to have picked his side. His choice is one that has left many startled.

The Lock singer seems to be Team Nokia as Sheebah famously likened Cindy to the legendary phone type.

In a video with a few of his peers, Fik appeared to be jamming to Cindy’s song and the part he chose exactly seemed to be communicating a strong message.

This comes as a surprise especially since Fik Fameica has about two songs in which he features the queen karma.

Some people have even interpreted it as probably misunderstandings having come out of the federation. A couple of musicians have seemed to be a bit less enthusiastic about the Federation in the past few days.

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