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Video: Watch as Martha Kay painfully cuts off her hair


Media personality and Socialite Martha Kay decided to painfully cut off her hair in order to assume a new look.

She took to her social media through a video and started cutting it off. She looked emotional as she revealed that it’s been 15 years when she last chopped off her hair.

And this was in high school. She went ahead to caption her video saying that it is said that hair carries a lot of trauma and cutting it off can help one to heal.

And if this is what it takes to heal your body and mind, one should definitely do so because they deserve it. Apparently she now feels free and light. Therefore even others who are burdened by whatever it is, assuming a new look can help them to heal.

It should be noted that she has a faced a lot of challenges ever since she rose to fame a few years ago.

Recently she has been battling some health complications.

“They say your hair carries Trauma over the years and so if ever you feel like chopping your hair off during healing, do it!

Your body needs it. Your mind deserves it. I’ve wanted to cut my hair since I fell sick but I’ve just been so afraid of what I’d look like. Last week, I finally got the courage so I grabbed those scissors and went for it.

I feel so free. So alive. So light. It is the beginning of a new era!

This is your sign to do whatever it is you need to truly.”

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