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Bad Black picks her side between Sheebah and Cindy (video)


With the Sheebah-Cindy rivalry raging on, most people and public figures are coming out to take their sides. Among these has been socialite, Shanitah Namuyimbwa alias Bad Black.

According to Bad Black she doesn’t have a side and will support both of them for different reasons. She loves Cindy because the Boom Party singer visited her when she was in jail.

When it comes to Sheebah, the two have a lot in common. They are both ‘bayaye’ and also bleached unlike Cindy who is dark with a color of the ‘Nalwoga’s.’

Besides, Sheebah also gave her a platform to push her Mud-guard song after she came out of prison. Therefore all those with characters like hers have to support the Tosobola singer.

On being asked why she doesn’t support Cindy since both have men unlike Sheebah, she said that her man loved for ‘who am I.’

It doesn’t therefore mean that she has to throw away her characters. Bad Black said that she will juggle between the two singers.

She will be at Sheebah’s stage by ‘8am’ and by Cindy’s at 11pm. Therefore she doesn’t have a specific side and loves all of them.

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