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I have no problem with Geosteady and Prima- Mr Henrie

Galaxy FM presenter Mr Henrie and singer Geosteady have had their fair share of controversies since both have a denominating factor of Prima Kardashi. The radio presenter has revealed why he still talks to the two.

It should be noted that Geosteady lived with Prima for quite long giving birth to two beautiful girls. They later split bitterly and she started dating Mr Henrie.

Two years down the road in their relationship and the Mama Lusaniya called it quits. Henrie always found himself in the midst of tje child custody wrangles between the singer and Socialite.

Surprisingly, Mr Henrie and the Viola singer have seemed to enjoy quite a fair friendship. They do media interviews together and have no harsh words towards one another..

In fact there rare harsh words are always aimed at their former lover. Henrie said that he has no problem with the self styled Blackman.

This is because he’s a musician and he’s a radio presenter. This therefore means that they need each other most times and therefore can’t be at loggerheads.

For Prima, he added that when you separate with someone, it doesn’t mean that you have become sworn enemies. Therefore once in a while they do talk to each other.

“I’m not an enemy with Geosteady. He’s a musician and I’m a radio personality meaning we all need each other. For Prima, it doesn’t mean that when you separate with someone, you become enemies,” he said.

Meanwhile, Prima advised his exes to meet up and motivate each other since they seem to still be heartbroken. The two personalities indeed did meet up.

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