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Singer Winnie Nwagi parades off her fallen soldiers


Singer Winnie Nwagi has carved a name for herself as one of the most unruly and unapologetic singers in the country.

She does what she likes and you either like her or not. Her body is one that has always led to controversies especially the way she flaunts her curves.

Despite some ‘not so attractive’ features on her body, Nwagi doesn’t feel embarrassed with them. She instead walks with them with her head held high and among these is her fallen soldiers in the chest..

Being a mother of one and well in her mid 30’s, and her genetics, it’s understandable why her apples fell off the tree.

The Swangz Avenue singer took to a video where she flaunted them off and left the haters cursing. She even captioned the video that these are not the ordinary socks but the ones that men lust about.

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