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Watch as Spice Diana eats Kikomando like a pro


Despite all her controversies, songstress Spice Diana is one of the most likable singers in the country. She’s just down to earth and doesn’t forget where she came from.

This is what has kept her in close proximity with her fans and no wonder she has a lot of downtown fans. Spice Diana was at it again as she posted a video of her busy ducking on the local downtown favorite food (chapati and beans).

This is popularly known as Kikomando and tastes sweeter while in a kaveera. However, what the netizens focused on was the way she sacked it out of the kaveera.

It was like she was holding that big anaconda and running her sweet luscious lips all over it. Many instead of focussing in what she was eating decided to out their dirty minds.

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