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Okwepicha Okwepicha- Ziza Bafana and Spice Diana do dirty on stage (video)


Dancehall singer Ziza Bafana and Spice Diana almost chewed themselves on stage during King Michael’s 20 years anniversary at Lido Beach. Both of them were guest performers and they really fans yearning for more.

The two decided to wow fans and they really did it. Spice Diana was in a very skimpy outfit and when she bent over her sumbie could all be seen marinating Ziza Bafana.

The katonda wa ragga singer also didn’t disappoint as he let the star gyal feel his ensolo deep in her loins.

It should be however noted that Ziza Bafana is a sworm enemy with Spice Diana’s manager Roger. Despite the two being very good friends they fell out and Ziza attributed this to the singer’s hypocrisy, greed and selfishness.

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