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Did Grenade bonk Sheilah Gashumba?

These past few days has seen singers Grenade Official and Rickman together with Sheilah Gashumba dominate the news. And it centers on whether Grenade feasted on Sheilah Gashumba’s sumbie.

The two parties got involved in a violent altercation that resulted in Rickman’s lower lip getting torn. Grenade also claimed that he left with broken legs and arms since he jumped over the fence of La Terreza bar.

The Nkuloga singer claimed that Rickman and his group wanted to kill him simply because he had a relationship with Sheilah years ago. The former NBS TV however dispelled Grenade’s claims of them ever dating. She added that this only happened in his dreams.

Well proof could have been found in the archives of how Grenade feasted on Sheilah Gashumba. A friend of Sheila’s came out and claimed that the two used to feast themselves in her apartment. This was at a time she was dating Marcus Lwanga aka God’s Plan.

Meanwhile the stylist of the former Team No Sleep singer also in an interview of Sanyuka TV said that even up to now Grenade and Sheilah still chew each other. They allegedly always pick up Sheilah without Rickman’s knowledge and when they reach somewhere he exits the car and they start eating one another in the car.

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