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I will cheat if you cheat- Zari warns Shakib


Socialite Zari Hassan has revealed the most perfect way on how to repay back a cheating partner. This is after she was asked why she’s ever talking about men who cheat and not women.


According to Zari she doesn’t know much about them because she doesn’t cheat. However, in this 21st century, you’re given what you give. And if a man goes outside to look for another woman, the wife also reserves the right to do the same.


This is because whatever this man enjoys outside, the woman can also enjoy. So now it is pressure after pressure, you cheat and they cheat back . And if you happen to find yourself somewhere both cheating, then you shouldn’t complain.


Apparently just wait and go home where you will year yourselves apart. Zari however said that this is a risk that she herself cant take and most people should know that she says all she says as an influencer.


Furthermore, the mother of 5 added that most couples who cheat actually last longer. But those who pretend to be so faithful and disciplined don’t last marriages.


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