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Sheebah is my blood sister – Crazy woman claims


Netizens have been left shocked after a young woman identified as Shifra Kalungi surfaced in the news claiming to be singer, Sheebah Karungi’s sister. Apparently this woman said that Sheebah’s true names are Sheebah Samalie Karungi.


This is what her father told her before he died. She added that she stopped in senior two and always dreams of the singer taking her back to school.


She added that she’s not just a fan of the singer but rather feels drawn to the queen karma by blood. Additionally, she wants the singer to reach out to her so that they can start living together as sisters.


It’s waited to see how Sheebah reacts to this situation. However songstress Lydia Jazmine commented about this situation.


She said that this same girl last year did the same thing to her claiming to be her sister. And when the Masukka singer reached out to her, she said that she had been sent by someone to frame her .


Jazmine added that this time round she’s come for Sheebah but they should handle her properly. She will tell them who sent her and also give her some mental support.


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