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Irene Ntale stuns at Bell ObaFest


Revellers were left puzzled by Irene Ntale at the just concluded ObaFest concert after she turned up on stage. Many were left wondering if she’s pregnant.


Her fashion choices for the day also lifted a couple of eyebrows as her chest dairy was all out. Her breasts almost popped out of her bra top.


Apparently the Sembeera singer’s tummy also seemed a bit bigger than usual leaving people wondering if she’s pregnant.


Irene Ntale has always kept her love life off social media. Nobody really knows if she’s dating anyone or if she’s single. Little has been recorded about her love life and she keeps teasing her social media followers about it.


Well by what was seen from this concert, someone could have ballooned her. Although it seems unlikely. The singer meanwhile has been trying to revive her once budding career but in vain.


She recently released a song with John Blaq titled Ebbaluwa that is not doing so well. Ever since she left Swangz Avenue, her career hasn’t been the same again.



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