Alien Skin launches Fangone Unity Platform



It seems like singer Alien Skin has finally felt the power to take on the National Unity Platform (NUP) as he decided to launch his Fangone Unity Platform (FUP) political party


The singer a few days ago revealed that after quitting music in December, he will join politics. This is because he got tired of NUP supporters always bashing and criticizing him when he clearly told them that he doesn’t want politics into his career.


Recently he even told Bobi Wine that he’s not God to give him a chance and rejected it. The Party singer told the NUP principal to give his chances to the likes of Ronald Mayinja or Big Eye but Mayinja also rejected the ‘chance.’


Now appearing at Fangone headquarters in Makindye, Alien together with his protégés launched their party. They showed off alleged bullet proof vest and hats.


Rumors even have it that some MPs who are sure they won’t be getting NUP tickets back to Parliament have been secretly flooding Fangone headquarters in Makindye.


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