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Alien Skin smeared with poop on stage in Arua

Singer Alien Skin faced it rough with some unruly and ill mannered revellers who threw poop on him as he performed. The singer stepped on stage and as he performed, waste materials started being thrown at him.

By the time, his team and security intervened, he was full of waste. They started cleaning him as he looked so angry. People were then told to calm down and behave.

It should be recalled that he’s definitely one of the top singers in tne country as of now. However, he’s of recent made remarks about Bobi Wine that have annoyed the NUP fanatics.

The Fangone boss refused to bow down to their demands and has continued to show that he doesn’t need either Bobi Wine or NUP supporters in his career. And just how they have treated musicians criticizing Bobi Wine such as Bebe Cool, Eddy Kenzo, Big Eye, these fans decided to take matters into their own hands by attacking the Party singer.

It’s now not known if Alien Skin will finally bow down to their pressure and worship Bobi Wine as they want or if he will continue being unruly.

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