Gen Moses Ali’s health worrying

Netizens have been left disturbed and shocked after a viral video of (Rtd) Major General Moses Ali. The veteran politician and military man can be seen being helped to sit into a chair in a Mosque.


However, what’s clear is that the second Deputy Prime Minister is not in any way in the best physical form of himself. It’s apparent that age has caught up with him.


In the circulating video, the Moyo east county in Adjumani district is seen trying to lift his tongue in vain. His face keeps on involuntarily moving in motion.


It should be noted that Moses Ali is currently 84 years old and has served in government for over 50 years. He was involved in the 1971 coup d’etat that toppled Milton Obote’s government and brought in Idi Amin.


However, he later fell out with Amin in 1978 as he was deemed too powerful to control. And also the then president accused him of mismanaging Bank of Uganda since he was the Minister of Finance.


Ali would fall out with Amin eventually and then fought against Obote II’s government. Finally he negotiated a deal with President Yoweri Museveni and got into the current government.


Netizens have not asked Museveni to retire him after this trending viral video so that he can tend to his old age.


“Please let Moses Ali rest, he already had enough he can’t even lift his tongue, lwakki tebalekka omusajja nawumula mirembe?.”


“I have watched a disturbing video clip of Moses Ali and honestly it would be wise to keep him out of the public eye for now. He can barely sit on a chair, I don’t think he even knew where he was. The man needs to be retired so that he can go and attend to old age.”


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