Stop turning us off with your poor hygiene – slay queen tells Kampala men


A Kampala slay queen has had enough of unhygienic Kampala men and has decided to tear through them. Taking to a social media video, she said that most women would like to eat men the same these men do to them.


However, they can’t because of the foul smell emanating from their nether regions. Apparently a man takes off his briefs and the stench that comes out is a killer one.


Besides, some of these are not circumcised and carry their gun in their sheaths making them full of posho. Therefore she wondered who on earth would eat this posho.


On top of that they have foul stenches from their mouths. They instant they try to kiss their women, they kill the mood. Therefore this leads to women even Becoming dry because they have no way of River Niling since the mood was killed with the man’s smelling.


Furthermore, she told these men to keep proper hygiene by showering and brushing their teeth very well. This is because it was not only prescribed for women to be clean.


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