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Lydia Jazmine big booty leaves netizens salivating


A video purportedly belonging to songstress, Lydia Jazmine has left fans in murmurs on social media. This video shows a lady with a fat nyash that is barely covered.


The undergarments simply cut through it and is covered by just a sheer see through cloth. However the face is not clear as the video was brief. However, she kinda sounds like the Kapeesa singer and her melanated skin seems to suggest she’s the one.


There is even a tattoo across her chest that Jazmine also has. Meanwhile another voice that sounds like Kasuku/DJ Nimrod is heard asking if this nyash belongs to her.


Now several people in the comment section were left fuming about the indecent dressing that has overtaken the country. And many believe that this has greatly contributed to the problems of the country.


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