Big Eye lands girlfriend after joining NUP


Ever since singer Big Eye joined NUP, his life seems to be getting better and better with each day that passes by. The singer has now found himself a woma after Bobi Wine promised him one.


While being unveiled by NUP a few weeks ago, the party leader, Bobi Wine said that if he behaved, they could even find him a wife. The singer took to his social media pages and posted a video of himself and his new catch.


It’s evident that he’s found himself one that sees a husband material in him. The Booked singer has been in several relationships but the most popular one is with sugar mummy, Don Zella.


They had twins but unfortunately one passed away. She’s constantly always bashed him for failure to look after the child and even denied him access to this kid.


Meanwhile the singer also recently revealed that he’s one of the most booked singers at the moment. And this is so thanks to NUP.


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