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Kasuku Reveals how he almost got chewed


Media personality Isaac Katende has told a story of how he survived being eaten by a fellow man. Apparently he and this man linked up somehow.

The man worrying interest in Kasuku but he didn’t mind about it so much. One day this man invited him to come and see him at Protea Hotel in Entebbe since he was going to catch a flight.

Without delay, he sent Kasuku 1M shillings and told him to grab an Uber and come right away. Kasuku didn’t waste any time and left. He found the man who was so polite and girlish and they jazzed.

This gentleman later left and told Kasuku to go back with his expensive Mercedes Posh car. Even away he told the Dembe FM presenter how he had left him some upkeep money in the car and on opening it Kasuku couldn’t believe it.

Eventually the man returned and Kasuku went to pick him up. This time they went to his house which was big, well furnished and equipped. The motor mouthed presenter asked the man why he doesn’t have a woman in this big house.

The man said that he got tired of women and he hates them. Gauging by his earlier female behaviour, Kasuku there and then knew that it was game over for him.

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