Slay queen chased from wedding for being skimpy


People were left shocked and surprised after a slay queen turned up on a bikini for a wedding. According to a video shared online, this young girl was the only one at this wedding that appeared to be an odd man out.

Just as a local saying goes that Ku mbaga tekubula musiwuffu (at a wedding, there can never miss an ill mannered person), she made it came true

Dressed in a just a bra and skimpy Patra shorts, she turned up and left everyone agape. Even after noticing that she was out of the ordinary and attracting unnecessary attention, she didn’t stop.

She went ahead parading for photos, smiling and turning around for everyone to notice her. Meanwhile others were in proper wedding wear. But this wasn’t the case with her.

Besides, she later for somewhere to sit down but sources have it that she was asked about of this wedding. Some thought that she was bad luck there.

Apparently most young people nowadays do shocking things all in the name of content creation especially for TikTok. There is no longer any shame in them and they just do whatever pleases them.

Meanwhile below is the video of this slay queen who turned up in a bikini for a wedding.

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