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David Lutalo embarrassingly falls down while performing

Singer David Lutalo left revellers sympathising whole others laughing as he suffered a thunderous fall during a performance. Dressed in a suit, Lutalo slid as he performed and he landed with his butt on the deck.

Others have actually been joking about it saying that it’s a NUP course. Apparently, the singer was at the receiving end of social media backlash from NUP supporters several weeks ago.

This is after they they interpreted his statements to have been an insult to them. Lutalo while performing in Mbarara said that he is not a politician and music should be separated from politics.

This saw NUP foot soldiers attack him like a thief. He ended up doing the Babongote song which has done very well. And out of it, he’s even going to do a concert next year in January.

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