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Mikie Wine dumps wife and kids for ex

Singer Mikie Wine has reportedly dumped his wife Shazney Khan and their children and run back to his ex. According to a video making rounds on social media, the Sulubada Highschool headmaster is seen chilling with his ex in a car.

They joined pics together from way back in 2014 and added another one that is current. Apparently, they then captioned it with ‘did we make it’ on the older pic and a ‘yes we did it my love’ on the new pic.

It should be noted that the singer who is a younger brother to Bobi Wine officially married Shazney Khan about two years ago. This ceremony was attended by his brothers and close friends.

Besides, he already has about 3 mature kids with her. But a couple of months ago, it seemed his marriage was on the verge of collapse. This is after he was spotted with an anonymous babe in Dubai amd then Turkey.

Allegations started making rounds on social media but it wasn’t taken seriously. At some point, he himself seemed to confirm that he had many girls bit since he said it in a joking way, it was taken as a joke.

However, this time round he seems to have nailed the final nail on the coffin of his marriage amd buried it six feet under the ground.

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