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Here are Iryn Kenema Year Closing Banger videos. 2023 has definitely been a year to reckon ans we just hope 2024 will get even bigger. Lots of public figures have definitely made the year memorable.

The likes of Sheilah Gashumba, Christine Nampeera among others will forever be in the 2023 Hall of Shame. As if Ugandans never seem to learn on how to keep their videos safely tucked in their safest folders.

Well less known singer Iryn Kenema has also joined this list. She’s got several songs such as Bbusu, Nshonga Zamwe, Muwumuza. According to the videos of this singer circulating on social media, she happens to be taking a shower.

Besides, she also looks to be pregnant as her tummy bulges out. Furthermore, it’s not clear who she was sending these videos too or if they were jist hers to keep.

On top of that, she has fallen soldiers and it’s not clear if she’s a mother and has ever breast-fed. But well these videos don’t look like they will even earn her a comeback in the music industry because she’s barely known.

Furthermore, little is known about this singer, but this incident will no doubt shed a little more light about her. And have some people searching about her.

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