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Songstress Sasha Brighton falls in love again

Local musician Sasha Brighton Kalungi has vowed to die on the duty od love. Despite numerous heartbreaks, she’s revealed how she’s in love once again.

In a local TV interview, the singer revealed how this man has swept her off her feet and she can’t get over him already. She kept on flashing a ring on her finger into the camera.

Asked what makes him so special from the rest, she said that the fact that he has already proposed is the real deal. The So Lucky singer added that she’s a love diehard who can’t give up on being in love.

In fact, she added that she’s even already released a song fro him titled Kipenzi. And she’s a living a great time of jer life.

“It’s true I’m in love again and my new man is so different from the rest I have had. The fact that he has already proposed is the real deal. I even released a sing for him titled Kipenzi. Love is just a good thing and I can’t give up on it because someone disappointed me,” she said.

It should be noted that the singer was first heartbroken by socialite Herbert Shonga. Apparently, she has snatched him from his wife, Dorothy Shonga.

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