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We don’t want your show- Kenyans tell Ugandan comedian Patrick Salvado

Ugandan comedian Patrick Salvado was left stunned and bewildered after Kenyans rejected his show. Apparently this was not his own making but rather the Kenyan government according to these people.

The man from Ombokolo had a show in Kenya. However, the people notified the organizers that they wouldn’t be attending because of the country’s tough economic conditions.

And because of the high taxes, they do not have the luxury to laugh. This left Salvado shocked because laughing has become a luxury in some countries.

“I had a gig in Kenya cancelled bse the fans told the organisers that they don’t have the luxury to laugh bse of the state of affairs of the country in regards Taxes … I was like eh .. laughing has now become a luxury in some counties .. Hooooo,” he said..

Apparently, the comedian enjoys a widespread fan base in the East African country. It was therefore shocking for him to see that the people turned his show down. Meanwhile ever since William Ruto was elected President last year, the country has experienced several economic setbacks.

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