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Nabbi Omukazi trashes Ugandan pastors

Former Gospel music singer Maggie Kayima has said that she gave up on pastors and they do what they want. Apparently they are free Stylers according to her.

Nabbi Omukazi added that she can’t get bothered by what these pastors do as she gor enough of their antics. In fact she said that the reason she looks beautiful and healthy is giving up on the pastoral lifestyle.

Going on, the self styled prophetess said that things are not easy with those pastors. It seems like the life they portray is not what they actually live.

“Honestly, I gave up on pastors a long time ago. They do what they want. In fact that’s why I look good. But ooh you guys. Things are really not easy with those men,” she said.

It should be noted that she rose to the scene under the late Pastor Augustine Yiga Abizzayo’s Revival church in Kawala. She was under his Revival Band. Apparently, Nabbi Omukazi released a couple of songs that did well.

Her image and claim to being a prophetess was questioned as she was rumoured to be Yiga’s lover. Soon scandals piled up a she fled the church and country. Slowly, she’s been blasting holes Into Ugandan pastors.

Furthermore, this comes following shooting the attempted assassination of Pastor Aloysius Bugingo. Despite surviving, people seem to be more invested in why he survived. Many are questioning the entire ordeal and actually some think it was staged.

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