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Kimansulo at Sheilah Gashumba’s party

Shock Dressing Code At Sheilah Gashumba’s Party. Yesterday saw Sheilah Gashumba’s One Man One bottle go down as she ushered in the return of her brunches. However, the dress code at this party is what has left people murmuring.

Several girls were seen wearing just fishnets with nothing to hide their erogenous zones. It seems like undergarments is a thing that was banned from this party.

Shockingly, there was no shame from these girls who walked around like everything is all fine. They even posted for the camera like they don’t have any shame in them.

It should be noted that Sheilah and her parties have always been exuding a lot of showing off flesh. They always wear clothes that are bound to leave public opinions flying high and talking about them. Last year they risked public fury after they appeared at fashionista, Abraynz’ Kampala Brunch almost NEKKID.

However, over time, Sheilah has shown that such controversy or public opinion has nothing about her. All she cares about is the bag and the rest is secondary.

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