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Catherine Kusasira prophesies NUP downfall

Singer Catherine Kusasrira has blasted the self styled key board warriors and foot soldiers of the National Unity Platform. Speaking to a local TV, Kusasrira said that these so called supporters have a lot of ‘gas.’

They claim to be so much political than even the people who started politics. Apparently the singer said that although she doesn’t support Bobi Wine, they are friends. Even when he meets her which has happened severally, he always greets her and they talk.

However there is a group of people who claim to be so much oppressed than others. All they do is threaten people especially musicians in order to make them how to their wishes.

She pointed out how these have even gone ahead to boycott Musicians such as Sheebah Karungi, Spice Diana among others. Additionally, the former Golden Band singer said that these should know that NUP is not the first strong political party in the country.

Furthermore, she said that there have been the likes of UPC, FDC which were all strong at one point. However, as of now, they all bit the dust. She told them to be humble and stop climbing people who don’t share their views.

Also, the Nkola ya Taxi singer said that one day one time, NUP Will crumble and another party will rise. Therefore being humble and knowing boundaries is key.

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