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Stop giving ladies 50k on dates- Winnie Nwagi

Songstress Winnie Nwagi has added her voice to the raging debate of giving money to women on a date. The singer said that giving Shs 50,000 to someone’s daughter is embarrassing.

According to her, women put in a lot of effort for these dates and she highlighted them. The self styled Fire Baby said that bathing alone is tiresome. Then there is the hustle of smearing oneself. After that, she has to do makeup, nails and hair styling which all require money.

With all this, she doesnt expect to be given fifty thousand shillings. The Musawo singer advised girls to always ask for double the money they have put into the date. Besides, men should give these girls money for fuel or Uber and not just Boda bodas.

Additionally, Nwagi said that this doesn’t mean one is vending themselves when they ask for money. It’s just the men that are stingy who are giving these opinions.

“How can you give someone’s daughter 50k? If I help you and shower, then smear myself, have my nails and hair done, then that expensive makeup, you should value me. They take time and money. Girls also learn to ask for double the money when the man asks. Besides give girls money for Uber not Boda bodas. All those against giving women money on a date are stingy,” the singer said.

This debate was sparked by Spark TV presenter Evelyn Mic. She said that men should stop giving women just 50k on dates. And asking for money doesn’t mean that one is a prostitute.

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