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New Video from TikTok makes social media mad

The new year is here and social media users seem to have started from where they stopped in 2023. Videos have started getting tossed left right and centre.

It should be noted that last year saw many videos drop to the internet severally. These were some renowned people especially on social media such as Sheilah Gashumba and Christine Nampeera.

Now it seems like we are in for a new year and the same story line is just continuing the trilogy. A video is currently making rounds in different social media platforms

Sources have it that this is a popular slat queen in TikTok. According to sources that have seen the video, this babe can be seen taking it all in as she sings all the vowels and alphabetical order.

Besides, she looks to be a secondary vacist and it’s not clear which school she comes from. However, one thing that is clear is that she enjoyed herself and the big CASSAVA.

By the time she was done with doing these bad manners, her SUMBIE was pulsating in joy and ecstasy. Well the year without a doubt has been set in motion and running and we can officially declare that 2024 is upon us on social media

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