Omulangira Ndausi praises Bebe Cool ahead of Dr Jose Chameleone

Radio personality and events MC Simon Peter Ndawuula aka Omulangira Ndausi has revealed how singer Dr Jose Chameleone is ungrateful. While giving a history of his life and how he got into the music industry, Ndausi let it all out.

He said that he’s the one who spotted the Leone Island boss and adopted him from Kawempe. The Katupakase singer started living with the Radio Simba presenter and Shanks Baguma. Apparently, the radio personality saw a talent in Chameleone as he was able to sing like Jamaican legend, Buju Banton.

Together they would start residing with the future legend and he was even the one washing the utensils. This was because the nobody singer by then was younger than the rest in the house they lived in.

Additionally Ndausi heaped praise on another singer in Bebe Cool. According to the voice over artist, it was him that put the Wire Wire singer in stage for the first time. The Simba FM presenter said that up to date Bebe Cool has never forgotten this favour.

In fact Bebe Cool is one of the best people in the world according to the radio personality. Additionally he said that celebrities usually develop a tendency of forgetting where they came from and go helped them along the way. Ndausi then said that this habit is common with Jose Chameleone.

“I was the first person to put Bebe cool on stage, and he has not forgotten that favor to date. If you ask me about Bebe cool, I would say he is one of the best people in the country. Celebrities often develop a character that sticks with them, sometimes acting as if they don’t know you when in public. However, Bebe cool has never displayed such behavior. That habit can be seen in Jose Chameleone sometimes.”

Meanwhile, Ndausi is not the first person to express his dissatisfaction with the Basima Ogenze singer. Many have come out to say that he changes like a chameleon and no wonder the choice of his name.

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