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Zari and Shakib enjoy themselves on camera

Socialite Zari decided to treat her hubby, Shakib Lutaaya to some good time after he was robbed. It should be recalled that Shakib narrated how his bag with two phones and cash was stolen while in a supermarket in Uganda.

He took to his social media and revealed how he was informed that a one Benjamin, a protege of singer Pallaso was the robber. Shakib then called the Malamu singer and informed him of the situation.

However, Pallaso distanced himself from knowing this Benjamin saying he walks with many people. The singer however was cooperative and promised to help Shakib if he brought the supermarket footage.

Despite this, Shakib accused the anger of hiding his friend and refusing to help him. With all this stress, he returned to his sugar baby who gave him the time of his life. As has been the case with this couple living in the public domain, the boss lady shared a clip of their romantic time.

Shakib can be seen lying down as Zari gives him a massage. Definitely this relaxed him and put him in the zone she wanted him to feast on her River Rwizi. Wherever, this short clip ended, we all know it was in the singing of the vowels.

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