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Fik Fameica blasts Kawempe people

Local rapper Fik Fameica has come out to tell the people of Kawempe how’ he’s not their MP. This followed a question by Galaxy TV’s Mr Henrie on claims of people from there saying he shows off now.

The Lock singer replied that he’s neither an MP nor a politician. He didn’t promise them anything or that he will build roads, wells or health facilities for them.

They should therefore let him be and stop trying to glue on his success.
Whatever he does is individually and not because it’s mandatory.

“I don’t know why people would say that I forgot about them because I’m not an MP. They didn’t send me to any political office. I also didn’t promise them to construct roads or any other kind of thing. I started out my hustle alone and they didn’t help me along the way. If I’m to help, I do it on a personal level. People should stop being entitled,” the singer said.

Fik Fameica has an upcoming concert on the 26th of January at Lugogo cricket oval and will be hoping to attract lots of crowds.

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